Founded by industry specialists, Prosmar has been serving the Shipping sector for more than seven years.

Some of the largest names in the industry trust on our systems to Gather, Clean and Interpret their data. Having grown steadily over the years, Prosmar now consists of fifteen employees, of which six are programmers. We have offices in Oslo, Norway as well as in Eastern Europe. 


Your company has its own dynamic and set-up.

Every time a quote is given or a deal is done, data is both used and created.

Collectively, this data becomes the know-how of the company, and this information is valuable! 

Looking back at what went wrong and what went right, and being able to analyse the results is critical in a digitalized world. 


We handle your exposure from contract negotiation all the way to settlement.

Complex contracts, including structures such as optionality and participation levels becomes easy to measure.

We see Risk Management and Opportunity Analysis as two sides of the same coin. Our system focus on how to add good risk and avoid bad.



Data must be cleaned, structured and often visualized to become information. Our system makes it easy to measure and understand your position.

Visualizations include graphic world maps where ships and cargos are shown, custom reports that can be set up to show the data in any way you like, and rich APIs that can be used to export your clean, structured data to BI systems like Power BI.  



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