About Prosmar

Prosmar delivers simple to use, practical software solutions for making better decisions. We take a hands on approach in working with our client to ensure that their portfolio achieves the best balance between risk and potential upside, while at the same time protecting against adverse scenarios. Below you will find the people of PROSMAR, situated in Oslo, Norway and in Eastern Europe.

60 major shipping companies already use our services ranging from effective fuel risk management to full risk reporting, analysis and hedge execution

Why Prosmar

Prosmar has a great track record with leading shipping companies, supporting them to systemizing processes and better risk management.

Tailored to your requirements, our systems:
  • 1

    Can be a stand-alone application, or integrated with your systems (IMOS etc) which reduces data input

  • 2

    Makes comprehensive risk reports available so all levels of management can see where the exposures lie

  • 3

    Stress tests your position with ‘what if’ analysis; you can’t avert a black swan, but you can mitigate its effects

  • 4

    Makes life easier for those responsible for day to day bunker purchases

  • 5

    Collect data for actionable and insightful analysis and visualizations